Caroline & Tyler


Tyler Williams


Caroline Brazelton

September 29, 2023

St. Augustine, FL

Our Story

....it all started with a bad prank war

Tyler and Caroline started as friends when they were church camp counselors in 2010. They had a sad attempt at flirting over the course of the summer with a prank war. It started with ranch poured over Tyler's hair and all the Lost & Found dirty socks placed in Caroline's sleeping bag. It ended with powdered milk in all of Tyler's clean laundry (mixed with sweat = not a good combo) and the summer's longest toenail mailed to Caroline in an envelope. (Remember, Caroline hates feet...) OBVIOUSLY, it was love at first sight. After some years as friends, Caroline moved back to Jax after college and Tyler took her on the #CarolineRediscoversJax tour. They dated, he learned to enjoy musicals and she became an avid Jags fan. After 2 years Caroline moved to NY. Long-distance ain't no joke, so Tyler joined her a year later. Settling down in Harlem, NY, they starting creating a full life with themselves and their two dog-like cats, Ramsey and Leonard. 7 years into dating, Tyler popped the question in the sitcom Friends apartment and Caroline shouted YES! (of course!) A month later, Caroline found out that she wasn't able to have kids... so they started working with a fertility doctor. After months of testing, they finally got the clearance to grow and freeze embryos. Almost as soon as they were cleared, they got pregnant and were kicked out of the fertility clinic! Doctors were stunned! They moved across the river to Jersey City into a 3 bedroom apartment and bought a car. Now Tyler, Caroline, and Jameson are a wonderful family of three. Life is moving fast and changing even faster. But every dang moment is filled with love and joy and they are ready to celebrate this life they've created together!

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