May 26, 2019

Carolanne & Jordan


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Jordan Lock


Carolanne Blackford

May 26


Our Story

Sometime In Late 2015

Jordan grew up In Kentucky all his life, he had a child in 2012, and has been a single father for many years. Carolanne moved from Portland, Oregon to meet her mother, brothers, sister-in-law, and nieces for the first time in 15 years in 2015. A couple months after she moved down to Evansville she acquired the same job Jordan was currently employed with helping disabled adults in their day to day lives. Jordan had been doing this for years, while Carolanne worked this as her second job. Little did either of them know that one pretty terrible job would change their lives forever. We worked in different homes for different handicapped individuals. We never met until about a month or so after Carolanne had started. There was an office coffee social that neither of them wanted to attend. Once we walked in and saw each other we played the staring game. We both like to tell this story a little differently but as Carolanne recalls it, she invited Jordan over to play uno (he won) and we exchanged a few words although it wasn’t much. The social was about to end and I was helping my clients into the car when their seatbelt was stuck, Jordan walks over and offers to help. His help really meant introducing himself and agreeing that it really was stuck. After that, we left. As most of you know, Jordan is extremely quiet and shy at first! Once I finished driving back to my clients home I received a message on Facebook. It was a friend request saying “I’m sorry this is out of the blue, I couldn’t stop thinking about how gorgeous you were.” (Very smooth I must say) Jordan didn’t know my last name, or how to even spell my first name when I gave it to him in the parking lot but he looked until he found me. Since then, we haven’t gone a single day without talking to each other. No matter what we have been inseparable, and surprisingly one uno game turned into a beautiful marriage and the beginning of our journey as Mr. & Mrs. Lock. ❤️

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