Carmen & Pierre


It's Happening Yall !

Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Pierre Benson


Carmen Quinones

December 9, 2023

North Providence, RI
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Our crazy Fairytale come true!

We both tell the story differently, but we all know the truth. HE bumped into me and the rest was history. Let's skip to the good parts.. I always knew he was my soulmate and I always admired him as a man. The way he smiles, his looks, his charisma, the way we instantly connected was truly magical. Coming from different dynamics and life styles things were always "what if", but soon after we realized how strong we felt about each other we soon turned it into "lets do it". We grew closer, became best friends and grew our blended little family together as one. The best decision we made was giving it a shot, because despite the world around us, we knew what we had and what greatness we could bring into each others lives. Everyday we tell each other how much we love each other, how blessed we are and I still thank him for bumping into me (or I stood in the way of his walking direction). Forever awaits and I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. A Fairytale come true... Mr. and Mrs. Benson