***VENUE CHANGE: Please see Home page for new venue information***
***VENUE CHANGE: Please see Home page for new venue information***

Carlyn & Broc



Broc Buhler


Carlyn Ross


July 14, 2023

Escondido, CA

Venue Change

Hi, friends! We had to change the venue. The wedding and reception will now be held at a beautiful property in Escondido. The address is 2634 Bernardo Ave. Escondido, CA 92029. Parking will be available across the street. There will be a parking attendant to direct you.

Dress Code

Garden party attire is highly encouraged!Break out your pastels and floral prints! Ladies, wear nice summer dresses or sun dresses. Men, wear suits or dress shirts and slacks.

Contact Us

To contact us, please email brocandcarlynwedding@gmail.com.

How We Met

Broc's version of the story: We met at Plan 9 Alehouse. Carlyn was working there as a supervisor. I decided to put in an application because the restaurant looked cool and I thought she was cute. The restaurant hired me on as a server. Over the course of a couple months, I realized that I had started to really like Carlyn. She was bubbly, a woman of God, a great baker, and she liked my goofiness. One day, Carlyn hugged me and I decided to ask her out for coffee. Carlyn said no. We hung out as friends lots of times until she agreed to go on a date with me. The rest is history. Carlyn's version of the story: I was Broc's trainer when he started at Plan 9. I started to like him almost immediately. He was cute, confident, funny, intelligent, and he loved Jesus. But I had a hard time getting past our difference in age, so I put the idea of dating him away. When he asked me out for coffee, I asked if we could hang out as friends first. We hung out several times as friends (calling it "platonic friendship time" even while we were both already developing feelings for each other) until I said finally agreed to go on a date with him. A couple days later, I broke my foot. Broc, who didn't know I had just broken my foot, showed up at my house about 10 minutes after the incident with flowers. He arrived to find me having just woken from passing out, sprawled on the couch, looking exactly like someone who just passed out from breaking their foot: sweaty, pale, in pain and disarray. He stayed, hung out with me, and cared for me while I iced my injury. When I told my sister in law, Courtney, she said “If he still likes you after that, marry him!” Obviously, I took her advice. 😉

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