Carlos & Frida

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Frida Ramos-Nunez


Carlos Cordova

November 4, 2023

248 S. Batavia, Orange, CA

How We Met

September 2017

After months of Carlos being oblivious to Frida's flirting at work, Carlos finally got the hint. One night in September, Carlos walked Frida to her car and asked her out to dinner, as two professionals of course. The two spent the following Thursday night sharing Cuban food and wine in Old Town Orange. It was romantic, kinda like a cheesy movie. Fast forward a few months to November, Carlos and Frida were watching the sunset over the jumbo rocks of the Joshua Tree dessert. In his awkward fashion, Carlos asked Frida to be his girlfriend. She said yes.

The Proposal

September 2021

Fast forward four years! Carlos and Frida are now living together. One night after hearing Burno Mars sing Marry You on the radio, Carlos turned to Frida to ask if she would indeed marry him. Frida replied, “Of course.” (But that was not the official proposal) Feeling like the universe was trying to tell him that he did indeed need to marry this girl, Carlos walked upstairs to grab the ring his grandmother had given him months earlier. With Frida in the kitchen cutting a pineapple, Carlos came up behind her and asked "Were you serious about what you said about marrying me?" "In a heartbeat" she said as she turned around to find Carlos sobbing holding a ring. The two fell to the floor and sobbed together. Two years later they are following through on their promise.