Andrea & Carlos



Carlos Santos


Andrea Gonzalez


October 7, 2023

Ball Ground, GA

The Proposal


On Labor Day, Andrea’s younger sister, Daniella, asked her to go to the local winery to celebrate her new job. Carlos was not invited, it was a time to spend together since Daniella didn’t live close because of work. Carlos had told Andrea he wasn’t feeling good and had lots of errands to run, but was mainly going to take the day to rest, so she didn’t think much about it. It was a gloomy day and Daniella was being quite extra telling her to dress up, although she didn’t want to, because it was going to be rainy all day and the vineyard would be muddy. They finally agreed on an outfit and then planned to leave by 3pm. When they arrived at the winery, Daniella said she had to go to the bathroom and left Andrea in line for drinks. The plan was then for Carlos to come and get her, but his phone had died. At that point, Andrea spotted the photographer, who happened to be a friend of theirs. The bartender then told her “someone is waiting for you in the vineyard”. She found it rather odd, when her sister was the only person she had come with and was not expecting anyone else. Once Daniella came out, they walked out to the vineyard, and as they walked, Andrea noticed Carlos standing with sunflowers and a sign that read, “Quiero casarme contigo” It started to rain as Carlos got down on one knee, but she did in fact say Yes! Everything was perfect, even getting caught in the rain.

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