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John Gallicchio


Cari Cavanaugh




April 6

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How We Met

Hinge- the dating app that was meant to be deleted

We matched on Hinge. We texted & talked for about a week before actually meeting at Starbucks for what was supposed to be a quick cup of coffee. 2-3 hours & 2 Venti Iced Lattes for John, later we finally decided to get on with the rest of our day. Driving home from that date we both kinda knew we had found someone special.

How He Proposed

She is pretty sure he proposed…He is pretty sure she said yes

Our Valentine’s Day 2023 plans had to be pushed back a week because Cari got scheduled to work that night. John stopped by her work to visit for a bit before the restaurant got super busy. John was acting a bit strange, not answering in complete sentences, had sort of a nervous laugh, and he would not sit down. He finally said that he had to change their Valentine’s Day plans. With that Cari thought he was breaking up with her. She was getting more aggravated by the minute. Probably sensing her getting upset, John said that he had her Valentine’s gift and he didn’t want to wait to give it her. So he pulled out a small black box, and when he opened the box the ring lit up. Cari thought he was joking around with another ring pop ring until she looked closer. It was a beautiful vintage diamond ring. Cari asked what that was…and John, while still holding open the box & with tears in his eyes asked “will you?” She almost immediately started crying, shook her head & said yes & hugged him so tightly.

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