Cari & Gage


We're finally getting hitched!

Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Gage Woods


Cari Turner


September 30, 2023

Wenatchee, WA

Our Love Story

Cari and Gage both grew up in Washington state, just 45 minutes apart (with no traffic of course). Her in Bellevue, him in Tacoma. Fortunately for the both of them and their destiny, Gage's family one day moved up North... Our love story begins on a cold winter's day in 2010. A boy and a girl were on their way to their history classes at Interlake Highschool. Cari walked down the same old familiar hallway to her classroom off to the right like she always did, but saw an attractive young man she'd never noticed before; from the opposite side of the hall Gage saw a cute girl he also had never seen. A mutual friend then introduced them, and unironically in that small frame of time- their own history began. Through the rest of their schooling, Gage and Cari dated one another a couple times here and there just trying to find themselves as all adolescents do. The entire time they both always felt a deeper love for one another that seemed to come so easily. A love that seemed to linger even if they were apart. At the end of it all, they both knew that if their love was truly meant to be, then they would end up together forever. Cari and Gage reconnected towards the end of her senior year, and it was like no time had passed. With Cari planning to leave the state for college they decided they wanted to take it slow and just be friends, but they couldn't help holding hands when walking somewhere or holding each other when watching a movie. They both could feel that their dormant love was coming back to life no matter what. Gage knew he couldn't let that feeling die out again.... so he drove nearly 3 hours in the summer heat with no A/C and a broken window to surprise his girl and make it official a whole 10 years ago on July 8th, 2013. Over the past decade, Gage and Cari have grown both independently yet together, creating memories along every step of the way. Some highlights ranging from things as simple as spending time with fur- babies or camping trips with important friends, to exploring Mt. Rainier or taking an incredible trip to San Francisco. Both of them crave a balance between comfort and adventure, the yin and yang of life. Throughout their time together, they've found balance and been each other's peace when times get tough. Cari and Gage are both so excited to share the next part of their history and get married with their friends, family, and loved ones bearing witness to their biggest adventure yet. ❤️

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