May 22, 2021
Dallas, Texas

Carey Leigh & Dutch


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Dutch Crews


Carey Leigh Evans



May 22



For those attending virtually, our ceremony will livestream here: pcbcspecialevents.online.church

Wedding Day Update

We are thrilled to marry in May and look forward to celebrating with you.  We so appreciate your love, support, and patience with the uncertainty.  We hope that you have been safe and well! Our ceremony is Saturday, May 22nd at 2pm at Park Cities Baptist Church in Ellis Chapel with a reception following at Lakewood Country Club. We would love to have you join in person, but understand if you feel more comfortable joining us virtually. Our ceremony will livestream here: pcbcspecialevents.online.church We continue to monitor and will let you know if plans need to change. We cannot wait to celebrate with you all, in person or virtually!

Our Story

​At Denver's union station, two Dallas transplants, hit it off. The next day, realizing we had plans to go to the same jazz concert, we combined friend groups at the park. That evening, a spark lit: Carey Leigh forwent 8 hours of sleep with an early flight the next morning and Dutch let Carey Leigh in on watching sports later that evening with his friend, Bobby.   For the next many weeks on Thursday nights when Carey Leigh landed back in Denver, we would head over to Angelo's for a late dinner. Each week the excitement of this new friendship and relationship grew.   On Labor Day, Dutch took Carey Leigh to hike the Manitou Incline. Assuming it was a low-key first outdoor adventure together, Carey Leigh brought a bottle of water, most of which she drank on the way down to Colorado Springs and not much else by way of preparation. Dutch was ready -- extra water, electrolytes, and encouragement. As Carey Leigh pointed "go ahead, I'll catch up", Dutch responded "nope, we are on the same team."  We both distinctly remember taking our first photo together at the top. The world has been different for us all this last year, and we are grateful to do it together.  During this unusual time and different pace of life, we've been able to spend much more time with our families that we'd imagined, but still not as much as we hope.  We've moved churches together and have strengthened our faith and friendships here in Denver. There's been lots of pickleball - social distancing's hottest activity. We've looked at our community in new ways and enjoy serving and learning together. Through all this, our hope for life together, full of Christ's light and love, has come into view.  To the many people who have loved us well, shown grace and helped each of us over the last 30 years be prepared to make this decision to marry, thank you.  We can't wait to celebrate with you, however that may need to look! 

Wedding Party

Gillian Evans | Maid of Honor & Sister of Bride Skylar Fechner | Matron of Honor & Sister of Bride Caroline Crews | Sister-in-Law of Groom Leah Davis | BCG-Denver Friend of Bride Sabrina Davis | TFA Friend of Bride Ellie Gilchrist | Providence Friend of Bride Leslie Johnson | Providence & Hockaday Friend of Bride Laura Kirchhofer | Providence & Hockaday Friend of Bride Sara Kay Mooney | Davidson Friend of Bride Christiana Nielson | Providence & PCPC Friend of Bride Clay Crews | Best Man & Brother of Groom Cody Crews | Best Man & Brother of Groom Bobby Beecherl | Childhood Friend of Groom Tom Bertrand | Denver Friend of Groom Brian Connolly | UT-Austin Friend of Groom Daniel Fechner | Brother-in-Law of Bride John Paul Floyd | UT-Austin Friend of Groom Wil Hunter | Denver Friend of Groom Stanton Morrow | Childhood Friend of Groom Ben Sexton | UT-Austin Friend of Groom

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