Alex & Rich


We're getting married!


Alex Spaseff


Rich Carelli

October 7, 2023

Washington, DC

How We Met

Alex and Rich met in March of 2019 while they were both working in NYC. At the time, Rich was living in Soho and Alex in Hoboken. They shared their first date over Gin & Tonics and Bourbon at the Spaniard in the West Village and quickly bonded over their commonalities, like their love of sports -- namely college football -- their love of live music, their shared values, and their ties back to Northern Virginia. It turned out that Alex grew up 30 minutes away from Arlington, VA where Rich spent his first 4 years after college. They grew closer by the day (Rich even gained a new appreciation for Montauk, NY!) and there was seemingly nothing that could separate them… until the Covid pandemic hit. What started out as Alex taking a ‘quick weekend trip’ down to Virginia to see a concert with her mom in early March 2020, turned into 4 months of being apart -- Alex stuck at her parents in Virginia and Rich with his in New Jersey. In hindsight, this experience made them appreciate the time they spent together even more! Rich orchestrated the perfect proposal on October 15, 2022 after the two concluded their holiday photo shoot - completely surprising Alex and leaving her speechless in Central Park. This special day has been a long time in the making and Alex and Rich are so excited to share it together with all of you!

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