See you on the east coast, Summer 2024 ♡
See you on the east coast, Summer 2024 ♡

Camila & Riley

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We're getting MARRIED!





August 10, 2024

Birch Harbor, ME
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Hit play if you ♫wanna go to Maine♫

How We Met

Summer 2016

We first crossed paths in Los Alamos, New Mexico, while working at the Los Alamos National Lab. We only worked together briefly, but both of us being new to the area, we exchanged numbers and planned a few after work hikes. Unfortunately geography wasn't always in our favor for a few years, but fast forward, the stars aligned, and we both found ourselves living in Colorado. We reconnected and immediately found fun things to do together— first pond ice skating, then rock climbing, camping, road trips, skiing... In the midst of the pandemic, we got loads of quality time together and found even after a few years, we still hit it off and wanted to spend all our days together.

She said yes!

Jan. 8th, 2023

After a couple weeks of holiday festivities, it was just another weekend of fun for us; The forecast wasn't ideal near home, so Riley suggested we take advantage of Acadia National Park in the off-season and head down to the coast. He booked us a place to stay and we planned on hiking the Beehive. It was cloudy and rainy all weekend, but we woke up to a bluebird day and were excited to get on the trail. On our way up we had breath taking views of Sandy Beach. Riley even said "wow, I'm so romantic" and I gave him total credit-- um ya!! This view is amazing!! As we climbed higher and higher, the trail offered iron rungs for steps and hand holds. Riley went up ahead and offered to take my pic as I climbed up to get a shot of the view. I climbed up behind him till he said "hold there, and look out at the view", I held there smiling (my back to the camera lol), till he said "ok now look at me". I turned smiling for the camera and saw my dreamy man, at eye level, holding out a ring for me. I couldn't believe my eyes, all I could say was "are you serious!? really?! really??!" I felt like THE luckiest girl ever! I had dreamed of the day my best friend would ask me to be his forever and here he was. I couldn't believe my eyes. He popped the question and she said yes!! We laughed, got a lil emotional, shared all the built up excitement and secrets leading up to this moment. We stayed up there just the two of us, taking in the amazing view, thinking about all that we have to look forward to.

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