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How we met!

March 3, 2019

Come spring break of 2019, Cam and I ended up on a local mission trip to South Carolina to rebuild houses of hurricane victims through our college. Neither of us would have made it on this trip had our matchmaker of an athletic director, Kirk McConnell, not extended us an invitation. So we get there, go out to eat, go to walmart, and play a group game of manhunt, and between all of this Cam and I had not said more than 10 words to eachother. The next morning, we get split up into two groups of 5 for the week: the girls group, and the guys group + Elise. So we’re working on this house; painting, scrubbing doors, replacing insulation, etc, and after many hours and few words, Cam interjects into my conversation while I’m standing on a chair learning to use a staple gun wondering about my theological stance on church models. LOL. From there, we remained friends and I showed up to Cam’s coffee shop sermons on Revelation until he graduated and I transferred to UGA. A couple years, a few FaceTimes, and a braves game later, we called it a date!

Cam's Favorite memory!

On one of our first dates, we went for a hike and it started off really peaceful. I remember I brought Luke (the doggo) and we were just enjoying the outside. Then all of a sudden it started pouring rain, but we were committed to the hike. When even got lost and almost hit by some mountain bikers. Both of us were soaking wet, and Elise had found a turtle that was lost. We finally made it back to the trail and headed back to the car (Elise was wearing flip flops). That was one of those moments where I felt very hopeful that we would be a great family. It didn’t matter that it was raining or we were lost, we just enjoyed being with each other and our doggo.

Elise's Favorite Memory

Watson and Lane (my brother and sister in law) knew the Lord had recently called them to adopt a baby (Micah!!!), so Cam and I went to run in the Trot to Adopt (a 5K that seeks to raise money to sponsor families that are adopting). Cam and I are both active and love sports, but neither of us were particularly passionate about running... However, most of you know that the both of us LIVE for a competition. So we get to the race and quickly realize within the first 5 minutes of it that it was going to suck. I was about 20 meters behind Cam the whole time, until he takes a wrong turn (I gladly let him and kept running the right way because it meant that I got ahead). His wrong turn resulted in me getting a medal and winning my age category and him not. I for sure will be framing that medal and hanging it in our home. Because of this, we have both become dedicated runners who are training for a half marathon in October. Fingers crossed for another wrong turn!

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