Lauren & Cam

Things To Do

Shoot us a text if you need more recs for food & drinks - there’s a ton of great options we’d love to share with you

The Velvet Mill

22 Bayview Avenue, Stonington, CT 06378
, (917) 915-6340

We love bopping around Velvet Mill, a repurposed Mill from 1888 that is now home to an artisanal bakery, an award-winning nano-brewery, a woodfired pizza restaurant, an espresso bar, and a new bistro style restaurant with rave reviews. Pro tip: Don't miss out on Beer'd Brewing's merch!


Mystic Pizza

56 West Main Street, Groton, CT 06355
, (860) 536-3700

Yes -- THAT Mystic Pizza! The movie was filmed on-location and released in 1988


Nana's Mystic

32 Williams Avenue, Stonington, CT 06355
, (860) 980-3375

Doughnuts made-to-order... say no more


Stonington Vineyards

523 Taugwonk Road, Stonington, CT 06378
, (860) 535-1222

A wine tasting is never a bad idea


Adventure Mystic Outdoor Rental & Retail Store

15 Holmes Street, Stonington, CT 06355
, (860) 245-6086

Rent kayaks, paddle boards, and bicycles!


Mystic Seaport Museum

75 Greenmanville Avenue, Stonington, CT 06355
, (860) 572-0711