Phathida & David

    Wedding Party

David Calzada


Phathida Sinthasomphone

August 10, 2024

Milwaukee, WI
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Our Love Story

First comes school, then comes marriage...

It's August 2013, our freshman year and we were both new to a small school where everyone knew each other. Let's just say, we clicked and locked in within the first month of school and ended up at homecoming together! Just young kids who thought they were in love. Fast forward to February 12, 2015... where David asked me to be his girlfriend in the middle of the school day. We stayed together through it all - attending multiple homecomings, proms and events together as high school sweethearts. From both of us graduating college, buying our own cars, to traveling & attending many concerts, we never stopped achieving our goals and reaching for the best. September 2021, we decided to leave Milwaukee, WI (which will ALWAYS be home) and settled in the DFW area in Texas! July 2023, we closed on our first home. August 10, 2023 ... We got ENGAGED! The day everyone has been waiting YEARS for.... LOL. February 12, 2024, we officially got married and now we are extremely excited to invite all of you to come and celebrate a very special time with us!

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