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Parker Fuessel


Caitlyn Gould

April 21, 2023

Leonard, TX

Love Story

Our Love Has Grown With Us

Parker and I met when we were pre-teens! In early 2014, my family started attending Summit Church where Parker’s family was attending. At that point we weren’t around each other very often because Parker was actually in kids' church and I was in youth! ;) It wasn’t long after joining Summit that my family moved out of state for 9 months, but when we returned Parker was in youth group too! Our families really connected at that point. We had many similarities and by early 2016, our families were together multiple times a week to hang out. In the summer of 2016, Parker and I went to church camp together, and you can cue the teenage crush beginning! We hung out that whole week and when we came home we were texting everyday! However, I was oblivious! Until my sister, Addisyn, pointed out my crush like little sisters do and I came to realize that I did in fact have a crush on Parker! We continued to talk every day from "good morning" to "goodnight" with things seeming to get a little more flirty than friendship. In November of 2016, Parker and I had what we call “The Talk.” LOL! Well, I talked and Parker listened and gave me a thumbs up that he indeed did like me too! We decided to stay friends until February 19th, 2017, when Parker asked me to be his girlfriend on my back porch! As young teenagers, we really didn’t have our first official date until May 12th of 2017! We mostly just continued to talk everyday, build our friendship, and hang out with our families! “Dating:” is a little different when neither of you can drive! We asked our parents to be very involved from the beginning. We were chaperoned and hung out in groups until Parker turned 16 and then we had tag alongs with us! Parker and I pretty much knew from the beginning that we wanted to get married! Many might call that crazy and we know some people said “Ohh, that's okay! Y’all will move on eventually,” but we never did. We continued to grow into young adults, and we had the joy of growing together! Finally on March 18th of 2022, Parker proposed, on his porch this time! I say "finally" as somewhat of a joke because it was the perfect timing! And we are excited to finally say “I Do” after 6 years of dreaming of this special day!

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