Taylor and Kevin


Taylor Bugas


Kevin Calhoun

February 17, 2024

Easton, MD

Kevin’s favorite memory

When she was living in Salisbury and I was living in Virginia, Taylor was celebrating her birthday by having friends come to her parent’s house. The week leading up to her birthday celebration, I was letting her know that I was busy with work and the weather was going to be bad for me drive over the Bay Bridge to get to Salisbury, making it seem that I was not able to attend. Little did she know that I was already planning on showing up with her gift (the Jordans that she didn’t think I got) and a smile. After work, I packed up my car, changed my location on phone to my iPad (so she would still think I was in Virginia and not traveling) and made my trip to Salisbury. As I pulled up to her parent’s house, Taylor went to the garage to grab some drinks and to her surprise I was standing right there. The look on her face was priceless! There are not many times I can say I surprised Taylor, but this one was special. The look of happiness to see someone you care about looking at you. I was happy to be there for that birthday and I cannot wait to keep being there for future birthdays!

Taylor’s favorite memory

One of my favorite memories is when Kev and I were still “friends.” Earlier in the week, Kev told me that he was going to be in Ocean City for a work conference and he wanted to meet up for breakfast on his way home. We met that Sunday morning (at 7:00am!) for breakfast in Salisbury, and then he left and went back to Virginia. MONTHS later, when we were finally back together, he confessed that there was no conference in Ocean City! He woke up at the crack of dawn, drove the 3 hours to meet me for breakfast, and then drove home right after. He still says to this day that he is glad he did it so I didn’t feel pressured to have breakfast, because we just started reconnecting- he knows me too well. He also met Rocky for for the first time that morning!

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