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October 23, 2023

Berkeley, CA

How we met

You must expect me to attack with Capo Ferro!

Though we met freshman year, we mostly changed from friendly acquaintances to friends during junior year when we were in a show together, and were also partnered for stage choreography. Learning how to stab each other took a lot of trust, and with our similar sense of humor, we became fast friends working together on our theses senior year.

The story so far

With no shortage of hurdles

Since we got together we've moved states, sheltered in place, dealt with chronic health conditions, lost jobs, gotten jobs again, traveled internationally, and even gotten another cat! Our wedding will be our five year anniversary, and it's been five wonderful years of laughter, tears, joy, pain, love, and just about everything else. Plus, it'll make our cats really happy.

So who proposed?

Well, both of us!

We had it all planned it out ahead of time and both of us proposed while we were in Scotland. (However, even though we planned on both proposing and doing so while there, when and how each of us did was still a complete surprise) Alex proposed at the old crumbling Buchanan Castle, after we walked the first 12 miles of the West Highland way from Milngavie (near Glasgow) to Drymen (home of the Buchanan lands). Eliza proposed behind Inverness castle after a morning in the air, having taken a private flight over Loch Ness (thank you to Ash, our incredible pilot on Wingly!) We both proposed with rings, and Eliza's is from a jewelry shop in Edinburgh (Alex's is from etsy). We also both wrote sonnets to propose, though that wasn't coordinated. Just very theatre-nerdy.

A bit on Alex Gordon

The basics for those who may not know, at risk of sounding like a resume

Alex grew up in Boulder Colorado, and moved to San Anselmo before starting High School. He's done cross country and theatre, loves basketball, and graduated with a double major in Acting and English! He has a wonderful sense of humor, is incredibly kind, and yes Eliza is writing this and he doesn't get to delete it. He's currently working at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District on the External Affairs team. It's based out of San Francisco, but he works from home with his lovely co-workers Minerva and Leah (they definitely help him with his work, and don't just walk all over him or the keyboard or scratch at the window, promise).

A bit on Eliza Buchanan

The basics for those who may not know, at risk of sounding like a resume

Eliza grew up in Davis, California and thought they would move away from the heat forever when they went to school in Oregon. Alas, they're more or less right back where they started now, albeit a tad colder in the Bay. Though Eliza majored in Acting, it was between junior and senior year that they attended a makeup program and started working professionally as a Makeup Artist. They've since been working through a full Cosmetology Apprenticeship, and works full time in salon as a Cosmetologist and Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist. This came a little out of left field, because even though they've always been artsy and creative, it was a lot more sports, painting, and acting focused earlier in life, as the beauty industry can be pretty heteronormative. But, they're focusing on vivid/creative hair-colors and love the crowd that comes with that.

A Note

Eliza is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. We ask that you refer to us jointly as “the couple”, “the nearlyweds” or “spouses-to-be” instead of bride and groom. Eliza does not use the term bride, and simply uses “partner”, or “spouse”, and uses Wedding Party instead of Bridal Party. Please reach out to Alex if you have any further questions.

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