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BT Nguyen


Alex Truong


Costa Mesa


June 3

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How We Met

The Cruise That Started It All

Both sailing on a Carnival Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, BT was celebrating her birthday, while Alex was attending his friend's bachelor party. Alex introduced himself to BT and her cousins, who all thought, "We're never going to see this guy ever again." Little did they know, they were going to see "this guy" again and again and again and again. Shortly after, Alex and BT began their long-distance relationship for three and a half years before Alex finally moved from Arizona to California in 2016.

How Alex Proposed

In March of 2021, Alex and BT visited the beautiful island of Maui. After a few days of fun activities, like riding ATVs and touring the island on a helicopter, Alex brought BT out at sunset onto the balcony of their beachfront room to pop the question! It was definitely a trip to remember!