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Bryan & Betty

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

The Wedding Website of Bryan Wuske and Betty Jellison
Meet the Wedding Party. They are some of the most supportive and special people in our lives who are going to help make our wedding day unforgettable.

Cara Jellison

Maid of Honor

Cara has been such an influential part of Betty's life. When Cara first came into this world, Betty will admit, she wasn't her biggest fan... what can Betty say, she was 4 years old and jealous to be sharing all the attention with someone else. Once Betty realized she now had someone to play with, she and Cara became inseparable. While their personalities are endlessly different, they compliment each other. Cara inspires Betty every day to stand up for what she believes, and to be unapologetically herself. Betty wouldn't be the woman she is today without Cara, and she couldn't imagine anyone else at her side.

Connor Wuske

Best Man

From growing into Bryan's hand me downs to being able to finally crack open a cold one together, the pair have been together from the start. Some of Bryan's fondest memories through their childhood together include early mornings playing the Xbox or the Wii, playing "knee" football in the basement which led to many holes in the wall and broken lamps, and spending quality time together in the wrestling room. Bryan is so proud of the man Connor has become and is happy to see all the amazing things he has involved himself in at the University of Toledo. Bryan could not imagine standing next to anyone else on his wedding day!

Elizabeth Palsgrove

Matron of Honor

Betty and Elizabeth became friends in 7th grade. Betty can still remember the day Mrs. Everett looked back at the two of them in the car, and said "I have a feeling you both will be friends for a long time." Now, almost 15 years later, Elizabeth is still her best friend. She has always been more of a sister than friend to Betty, and after sharing over half of her life with Elizabeth, she couldn't imagine sharing this moment with anyone but her.

Alexander Sharp

Man of Honor

Bryan and Alex met through Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of Toledo. Since meeting, they have been joined at the hip. Alex is such a close friend and someone Bryan looks up to in every aspect of life. They have traveled to Haiti on a trip of service , served as President and Vice President of Pike together, and spent many nights out that ended in a quick run to McDonalds making memories that will last a life time.

Megan Starovich


The day Betty met Meg, she knew they would be friends. Meg was not only Betty's closest friend through all of college, but also her "Mother" or in other words, her Big in their sorority Sigma Sigma. Throughout college, they shared countless sleepovers, many many brunches, and endless amounts of "bar Wednesday's." Meg and Betty have been, and will continue to be, friends for life. Having Meg beside Betty will only be another memory to add to the bank that they will hold onto forever.

Bruce Jellison


Bruce, Betty's brother, inspires her to work hard, and to have fun while doing it. He has always found a way to put a smile on everyone's face. His goofy quirks and infectious laughter is what make him so special. Even though Betty is the older sister, she finds herself looking up to him. He is the most amazing brother, and Betty is so proud of the man he has become.

Kathleen Kramer


Betty met Kathleen on the very first day of their PA program. Kathleen had reached out to see if Betty wanted to carpool from Hartland to Ann Arbor together for the first few weeks of class. Quickly Kathleen became someone Betty looked up to, leaned on, laughed with, cried with, and kicked PA schools ass with. After going through the hardest 2.5 years of their lives together, the bond Betty feels with Kathleen is special, and she is so happy to have Kathleen next to her on this special day.

Ryan Ricksecker


Bryan and Ryan may be cousins, but in reality they are truly brothers. Bryan and Ryan grew up living only 45 seconds away from each other. These two spent so much time hanging out with each other growing up and continue to talk almost on a daily basis. Their love for Ohio State football, video games, and nursing has continued to bond them to each other throughout the years. Bryan is excited to share this day with him and hopes to see him get jiggy with it on the dance floor!

LauraGrace Linsky


When Betty first met LauraGrace, she thought, "Wow, that girl is A LOT!" (and that says something coming from Betty). She quickly became one of Betty's best friends. Her quirky personality and professional baking skills will always be what she is known for. Betty wouldn't have made it through college without LauraGrace, and Betty is excited to be able to add this happy memory to an already very long list of others that they share together.

Jake Rudy


Bryan's cousin, Jake, is a special and charismatic guy. You could never tell that the two grew up more than 6 hours apart from each other. They have grown a bond that fosters friendship, competitiveness, and successfulness. In March of 2023, their Grandparent's, Sue and Dave Klekner went to be with the Lord less than 48 hours apart from each other. They were able to be with Sue as she took her final breath. Bryan is thankful to have been part of that special moment and knows that they were able to bring comfort to Sue as she passed. Bryan is looking forward to all the of the future vacations at Sea Club V and is ready to take on Jake in Bocce ball or Pickleball any day!

Kaitlin Bronstein


Katilin and Betty met through their sorority, Sigma Sigma. Kaitlin brought light into Betty's life during the hardest year of college. Her bubbly personality and laughter are infectious, and she has brought so much happiness into Betty's life over the years. Kaitlin and Betty's friendship will continue far beyond her wedding day, with countless four for fours, pizza nights, and dog walks.

Zachary Henry


Zach and Bryan met in 5th grade on the bus to the middle school. The friendship originally began to form when they would each share one side of Bryan's ear buds to listen to their favorite music at the time- you will witness their amazing Washingtonians dance moves to some of those tunes on the wedding night! Bryan's favorite memories with Zach include being the best man at his wedding, Massillon Tiger football games, and living together freshman year of college at the University of Toledo. Zach is someone who has been at Bryan's side through the ups and downs of his life and is the epitome of a truly amazing friend.

Rachel Wuske


Bryan likes to talk a big game and pretend that Rachel is just his "annoying little sister", but the truth is having a younger sister is what made Bryan into the man he is today. Thanks to Rachel, he was always able to practice his wrestling moves and football tackles, and always had a cheerleader in the stands for him growing up. Now Betty gets the honor of adding another sister to her life. She and Rachel have grown immensely close these past 4.5 years, and she is thrilled to have her standing by her side as they become family.

Jacob Stark


Jake was Bryan's partner in crime through Nursing school at the University of Toledo. They met during their first semester of clinical, and quickly became each others nursing check off buddies. Bryan will never forget failing a head-to-toe assessment check off because he forgot to take off Jake's sock. The big body duo makes a splash every where they go and are always the life of the party!

Kole Ickes


Bryan first arrived on 10 Rhodes Transplant at Ohio State during COVID in April 2020 as a nurses aid until he passed the dreaded NCLEX. There were plenty of new faces to meet, a lot of information to learn, and an overwhelming amount of stress adjusting to life in Columbus. During his first few weeks of work, Bryan met Kole. Kole was one of the "cool" night shift nurses on the Transplant team and he showed Bryan the ropes of the floor. Kole also introduced Bryan to an NCLEX Tutor who helped him eventually pass! Bryan will never forget how many memories the two made all those nights on the transplant floor at the beginning of his nursing career.

Sam Nelson


Watch out for this witty guy as he is set to marry Bryan and Betty in August! He is the Husband of Hannah Nelson, Bryan's oldest cousin!

Chasten Griep


While Chasten started out as "Meg's boyfriend," Betty quickly found herself considering him a friend of her own. Betty is thankful for Chasten's humor and goofy personality that helped to make college and beyond such a fun time. He finds a way to put a smile on everyone's face that he surrounds himself with, and Betty is honored to have him as a part of this special day.

Richard Palsgrove


Richie met Betty and Bryan when he started dating Betty's best friend, Elizabeth. He has since brought laughter and shenanigans into their friend group. When Betty and Bryan moved to Columbus, Richie and Elizabeth were their go-to double date couple. When Bryan bought season tickets to THE Ohio State Buckeyes, Betty thought she would be the one using his second seat... little did she know, it would actually be Richie's butt sitting in that seat 9 times out of 10. Betty and Bryan are lucky to have a friendship with Richie, and they are so thankful to have him as a part of their special day.

Carrie Jellison

Mother of the Bride

Betty's mom, Carrie, has been such an influential part in her life. Her work ethic, dedication to her family, and support has single handedly gotten Betty to where she is today. Her mom and dad's love is selfless, inspiring, and filled with happiness and Betty is lucky to have had such an amazing image of love growing up.

Linda Wuske

Mother of the Groom

Bryan's Mom, Linda is one of the kindest and loving people on the planet. She is selfless, faithful, and the epitome of what a Mom should be. She has always been there for Bryan. He can still hear her screaming "SQUEEEEZE" as he would pin his opponents in wrestling growing up. Linda is truly a blessing in Bryan's life and he is so thankful to be her son.

Robert Jellison

Father of the Bride

Betty's dad, Rob, has inspired so much of her life. From shooting archery, to finding a career in the sciences, Rob has helped to mold Betty into the woman she is today. He showed Betty how to treat the people you love and has always been, and will continue to be, her biggest cheerleader. She is so thankful to have her father walking her down the aisle on her wedding day.

Craig Wuske

Father of the Groom

Craig, Bryan's Dad has developed Bryan into the man he is today. Craig inspires Bryan to work hard, be respectful, and to treat his future wife as if she is the Queen of England! Bryan is blessed to have all their memories together surrounding the wrestling room and the football field. There are no words to describe how thankful Bryan is for his Dad and all of the amazing things he has done for him over the years.

Leonard Wuske

Ring Bearer

The goodest, and most cutest boy.

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