Brooklyn Sierra & Kyle Brayden


Brooklyn Sierra Nielsen


Kyle Brayden Shaver

August 12, 2023

Cleveland, TN
64 days64 d1 hour1 h33 minutes33 min35 seconds35 s

Our Story

Brooklyn and Brayden's love story began November 1, 2020. They met outside Starbucks and immediately began a year long friendship full of climbing, going to Starbucks, watching movies, and studying at the library. They spent that year growing both in their friendship together and in their faith. On December 4, 2021, Brooklyn and Brayden went on their first date at the Rock Town boulders. They dated for one year and three months before Brayden proposed to Brooklyn at the St. Elmo boulders during a graduation photoshoot. After the proposal, the newly engaged couple was able to celebrate with their friends and family. They have loved experiencing life together as they have transitioned from friends, to girlfriend and boyfriend, to fiances, and finally to husband and wife. They look forward to learning how to love each other and love the Lord in their marriage. They are so excited to celebrate this special day with you! #awholelotofBS