Broghan & Marcus

Till death do us part







October 13

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How this couple came to be

The Handshake

It all started with Marcus and Nike being friends since childhood. Years later Broghan would meet Nike at a local summer music festival and Nike would introduce Marcus and Broghan a couple of months after that. Days after the initial introduction, Broghan and Marcus would bump into each other outside. They introduced themselves again, and Broghan tried to shake Marcus’s hand. He was confused but shook her hand anyway. After exchanging numbers, they parted ways and finished work. That night they scheduled a date for a couple of days later. On the date, they went to a cliffside and watched the sunset while they shared a kiss. From that night on they were inseparable.

Our Future

To the Mountains

Broghan and Marcus have a bright and beautiful future ahead of them. Broghan will be attending a prestigious culinary school and Marcus will be getting into luthiery work. They plan on moving to Boulder Colorado after the wedding with their 2 cats, Oogie Boogie and Lemmy, their bearded dragon Az, and their hamster Gretch. With the amazing scenery and incredible nightlife there's just so much to do in Colorado you’ll have to visit them!