Brittany & Kevin


Brittany Camara


Kevin Torres

March 18, 2023

Caledon, ON

How They Met

First Comes A Workout, Then Comes Marriage

It was 2016 and Brittany was working at a gym where naturally she had gone on her break. She noticed a young man walk through the front doors, she didn't know his name but was aware he had a girlfriend and she in a relationship as well. Years had passed and not one word was ever exchanged between the two. 2019 quickly approached, Brittany was now single at this point and noticed Kevin had walked into the gym. Her coworker turned to her and said, "He's been single for a little while now, eh!" Shocked, she knew this was the perfect time to start small conversation. Everyday they spoke at the front entrance of the gym which then lead to them adding each other on Instagram and exchanging phone numbers.

First Date

November 2nd 2019

"Wear that red dress you said you bought in the Summer," was what Kevin said leading into their first date leaving Brittany with no idea where he was going to take her. He walked up to her doorstep, rang the bell and waited. After she locked the door, Kevin had put out his hand and helped her walk down the front steps. The night started at Harbour 60, a high-end steakhouse downtown Toronto. After insisting he pay for the bill, Kevin asked if she would like to continue the night. They drove around Toronto and found themselves at another restaurant. Once the date came to an end, Kevin brought her back home and waited to make sure she got inside her house safely.

Proposal Story

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"

When Kevin and Brittany first started dating, he got tickets for them to go to the Toronto Christmas Market. Days leading up to it, he lost the tickets and they never ended up going. December 22nd 2021 was going to make their 2 year anniversary. Kevin told Brittany he had something planned, and that it would be a surprise. This wasn't the first surprise he did so she didn't think too much of it. "Dress nice, not too fancy but nice. Make sure you're comfortable too," was all she had to go off of. All dressed up, Kevin took her to dinner at the Toronto Christmas Market. After dinner, they began to walk around the market. Filled with colourful lights, hundreds of people and Christmas music, Kevin said, "lets go by that big Christmas tree and get someone to take a picture of us." Kevin handed his phone over to a man in the crowd who took a couple pictures. After the pictures were taken, Brittany took a few steps forward and noticed Kevin wasn't beside her. She turned around to find him down on one knee. The man Kevin gave his phone to was a photographer he hired who began capturing more pictures on his own camera. The crowd around them began to cheer and clap! Coincidently, the Mariah Carey song, "All I Want For Christmas Is You," loudly played throughout the market and despite the freezing cold temperature, the moment itself gave Brittany chills! It was a magical night!