Britney & Ben


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Britney Christinson


Ben Sugden

August 26, 2023

Hallock, MN

Our Story

Ben and I were introduced through a mutual friend (Thanks, Trent! 😉) in late July of 2017. A few days later, Ben texted me and asked if he could take me on a date to the outdoor movie theatre in Warren, MN. I agreed but told Ben I was going to college in the fall and wasn’t sure I was looking for a relationship. Of course - the date went perfect. Fast forward two days, and Ben decided to ask me to be his girlfriend. That same day, I brought Ben to Grafton to meet my parents. Little did he know, it was my little sister’s 6th birthday party. He didn’t just get to meet my parents, but also my whole extended family! He instantly became a huge part of our family - especially my baby sister’s. We took her everywhere with us and he quickly caught on to how much my brother and I spoil and treasure her. My mom said that Brooklyn told her at 7 years old that she hopes to find a boyfriend that is just like Ben one day. She still thinks the world of him. I moved to Grand Forks for college while Ben finished his senior year in Hallock, MN. We spent all of our time and money driving to see each other. I also went to a lot of his hockey games near and far (only missed one)! In August of 2018, Ben moved to Grand Forks for college as well. Ben and I had a lot of fun during our college years, while still treasuring our committed relationship. We bought our first dog, Wheeler Bocephus in October of 2018 and bought our second dog Bentley Jacob in July of 2019. Our dogs quickly became a huge part of our lives and are our babies. We loved to travel and would work hard during college to save up money just for that. We went to Mexico, Jamaica, Miami, Disney World, and more. In 2021, Ben moved home to Hallock, MN to start his career while I stayed in Grand Forks to finish my degree. In 2022, I graduated college and moved back to my parents' house for the summer. We knew from the beginning of our relationship that we want to end up in Hallock one day. However, we weren’t ready to settle down just yet and wanted to experience the world a bit more. In August of 2022 we moved to Homer, Alaska together. I loved my first year as a teacher there and Ben enjoyed trying something different (insulation installment). We moved home to Hallock in June of 2023 and are looking forward to our wedding and what life has to offer. It’s just been 6 years of pure bliss.❤️

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