Bring your dancing shoes!
Bring your dancing shoes!

Bridget & Danny

    Love Story

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Daniel Cardona


Bridget Cooper

May 20, 2023

Smithfield, Virginia

We're so excited to share our day with you!

Scroll down for our love story- how we met and a recap of the proposal. (For those viewing on cellphones-click the lines on the top right to get to the menu for different sections of our website.)

♥ How We Met ♥


Danny and Bridget met in 2009, after the new Centerville Bingo hall opened. Danny worked there and Bridget loved to play. Their first interactions came naturally as Danny already knew and adored Bridget’s mom, Cynthia. Who would have ever thought that a bingo hall, of all places, would be the start of their love story? Danny did. For him it was love at first sight, he would tell the boys that Bridget would be his wife one day. And Bridget couldn’t deny Danny’s confidence, smile, and long beautiful hair. From her first tattoo, to their first official date at Freemason Abby, to hanging out at skate parks, to attending Bridget’s high school operas (and every performance that followed), to 12 years together and a bright future of many more firsts, they cant wait to say their, “I do’s.”

The Proposal

Surprise on surprise on surprise...

Danny set out to propose to Bridget as a surprise, and that he did. On Saturday, December 18, 2022 (the weekend of Bridget’s 30th birthday) Danny planned a date. It wasn’t an ordinary date. It was more of a mystery because he told her nothing about the outing, other than to look nice. Danny played into the mystery the whole day. Upon seeing her ready to go he asked, “Can you dance in those heels?” That sent Bridget into a confusion; especially after she saw him in sneakers and a bright sweater. He promised her that she looked perfect in her unsureness and excitement. Before leaving danny packed a sheet, an easel, and had Bridget blindfold herself. She had no idea what they could be getting into that night. They drove for what seemed like forever to a parking lot that smelled delicious. Danny guided a timid, blindfolded Bridget down a road, into a silent building, through a maze of hallways. Finally, he told her it was okay to take off the blindfold. Bridget gasped to see a private karaoke room full of loved ones screaming “Suprise!” Her first surprise birthday party! And her first official time singing karaoke. After greeting everyone, singing, and eating Danny began to sing, “I love how you love me.” He grabbed Bridget to stand and sung to her before lifting a sheet and revealing (surprise number two) a custom caricature canvas of them as a victorian couple. Still singing, Danny turned a giggling Bridget around to face a silver platter held by her dear nieces London and Zaia, all eyes witnessing the ultimate surprise. After lifting the platter and seeing the ring, she turned around to Danny on his knee, emotionally asking her to be his bride. Her, tearful “YES!” was followed by a night of singing, good food, good company, and love. The birthday surprise. The canvas surprise. The surprise proposal… Just all the surprises.

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