Brian & Yira

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Yira Alejandra Howell Delgado


Brian Robert Largay


6 Great Marsh Rd, Westport CT


July 21

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How We Met

We found each other and through a beautiful friendship we found love.

We met as Yira went out for sushi and met Brian Largay also ordering the dragon roll. Little did Yira know, she was getting extra ginger on the side that night. Please come to our wedding. No, but for real. One Thanksgiving in Aruba, we met each other at a food truck which Yira told me to try an Arepa with everything on it. I, eating only the simplest of foods, and wanting to impress her, decided to give it a try. As we started talking, we felt we had a lot in common and I asked her for a date. Little did we know this date would bring us here today. I still have yet to impress her. lol XD