December 14, 2018
Playa Flamingo, Provincia de Guanacaste

Brianna & Robert









Playa Flamingo

Provincia de Guanacaste

December 14


How We Met

November 19, 2011

We were both a part of the wedding party of my brother and my sister-in-law. And Robert was assigned to escort me down the aisle. We had such a fun time at the wedding and reception that night. We both knew there was a little spark. We continued to stay in touch as friends for years. I had this feeling about Robert that I couldn't shake, but was too afraid to share my feelings and possibly begin a relationship long distance. Robert felt the same way. My sister and I stayed with Rob in New Orleans for the 2016 New Year's celebration, and I was still so giddy and nervous around him. I secretly hoped we could share a midnight kiss. As always, I gained confidence with each drink and finally professed my feelings for him. We've been inseparable since!

Our Engagement

Surprise!! February 17, 2017

We were on the phone the Friday after Valentine’s Day, and I was telling Robert that I was going to a girl’s party. We talked as I went to the car wash and then the market to get party snacks. He asked, “Well tell me what you’re getting, walk me through the store with you.” I told him I was getting carrots and all of a sudden I hear, “Excuse me, Miss.” I turned around and omg it was him! Standing there so handsome in a suit and all! I was shocked, so thrilled and touched that he’d do something so sweet for me. He told me he was taking me out for Valentine’s Day since he wasn’t able to be here for it. I rushed to get ready for our reservation and off we went. Turns out he had to make a pit stop for something first. We parked next to the football stadium and he asked me to walk with him. Once he started walking me down the stadium steps towards the field, I knew something was up. He asked me to keep looking down... I thought maybe we were having a dinner on the field! But once we reached the the grass, he asked me to look up and I saw the Jumbotron and on it, “Brianna, will you marry me?” And he knelt down on one knee and asked the long awaited question!! I can’t even put to words how surprised and ecstatic I was!! He even had a photographer hide and capture the moment on film (the picture below is proof). The man of my dreams made such an effort to give me a beautiful and wonderful surprise engagement. And to top it off, he had a limo arranged to take us to dinner afterwards! We walked out of the stadium, and found our limo driver after some effort, popped some champagne inside, and began the snaps and calls to family. I had no idea at the time, but Rob was totally on edge waiting for me because he was planning on me going home to my apartment after school just like any other day. And I ended up doing random stuff before going home, which threw off the timing of our photographer and limo driver. Oops!! Such an awesome man! I’ll never forget our adventurous night!

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