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Ngọc Tuyền Hồ


Brian Douglas

June 9, 2024

Del Valle, TX

The AC was loud, so I had to create captions. So please turn those on.

How we met

First comes school, then comes marriage

Wait, we didn't meet in school. That can't be correct, right? Well.... When Brian and Tuyen started emailing each other in June of 2020, she mentioned that she wanted someone to help with her English. So Brian started helping as her teacher. The whole world is separating us so don't cue up that Police song. We started communicating a lot, and teacher-student became friends, and friendship grew to love. And after meeting in person finally in April of 2022, Brian decided he wanted Tuyen to stand so close to him. And she agreed. So, maybe like that Police song. Or maybe a Van Halen song...

So about the URL

mjlovesspiderman.com So where does that come from? Brian’s Halloween costume the first year they started talking. I was Peter B Parker, which was the older Spider-Man from the animated Into the Spiderverse. Tuyền started calling me Spider-man after seeing a photo of me in costume. So later, Tuyền said she wanted an easier name for English speakers to use. While I suggested she just keep Tuyền; I joked if I was Spider-man, then she should be Mary Jane. Or MJ. So MJ ♥️ Spider-Man.

Our first disagreement

So you might notice the the announcement had June 7th, but now it will be June 9th. Well… that’s due to our first disagreement. I created the announcement cards just before I submitted our visa application. Which had a 16 and a half month processing time when I did. I thought May 2024 would be the earliest she could get here if we were lucky. So I picked the day Tuyền emailed me, which I considered the start of the relationship. But she considers it to be the day I replied, June 9th. So our first disagreement. And the date is June 9th now. 😅

For all the days along the way
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