March 27, 2020
Terrigal, NSW, Australia

Brent & Prianca

    Wedding Party
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Wedding Party

Meet our family and friends who are walking down the aisle with us.

Prianca Prabhakar


Pri is the sexiest person you've met. Let's be realistic - you'd marry her if you could.

Brent Maxwell


I've been working up to this a long time everyone - can't wait to celebrate with you all!

Alisha Prabhakar

Maid of Honor

Alisha is Pri's little sis, and a beautiful human. For a little (relative compared to the Prabhakars) person, she packs a punch of spirit. She is the sweeter one of the two!! She will be Pri's Maid of Honor!

Sophia Taylor

Best Woman

Sophia became Brent's best friend at university, and is one of his favourite people. They've grown a lot together over the years, studying, partying and merging their social circles. Sophia's taught Brent how to be a better person.

Natasha Meechan


Nat has been Pri's best friend since they were 15. She is a free spirited soul but tenacious human who has been through thick and thin with Pri.

Matt Taylor

Best Man

Matt and Brent have known each other since high school. Matt's been an important part of Brent's life not just as a best friend, but as a colleague, mentor and all round influential human.

Jo Muggleton


Jo has become one of Pri's besties in an instant. They are so similar, sharing a love for all things naughty.

Adam Schuck


Brent met Adam through his wife, Davina, who is another close friend. Brent's learnt a lot from Adam professionally as well, both being technophiles. Adam is one of the kindest people Brent knows.

Joy Prabhakar

Mother of the Bride

Joy is joy. Seriously, just say "hello" and you will have increased your happiness by somewhere between 40-170%. She is the reason that Pri lightens every room she walks into. The world needs more Joy.

Roger Maxwell

Father of the Groom

Roger is Brent's dad. He's a friendly, kind-hearted, loyal man who taught Brent strength of character, dependability and considered, logical thought. Be sure to say hi!

Devasagayam Prabhakar

Father of the Bride

Dev is gigantic. Not physically... well, yes, but also - he's a big personality. He's full of life, and has infused Pri with a strength of character that few mortals possess. Join him for a scotch & water!

Gail Maxwell

Mother of the Groom

Gail is Brent's mum! I challenge you to find a warmer person. She taught him how to love, how to understand emotion and instilled his passionate curiosity. Give her a hug - she loves it!

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