Brittany & Nicholas


Nicholas Hughes


Brittany Niece

September 7, 2024

Cloverdale, CA
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Our Love Story

Having both decided that we deserved love and as many millennials do, we took to the internet. Failed relationships and a general dislike of people weighing heavily on us both, we had low expectations of finding what we longed for. A Warriors hoodie worn by Brei and a selfie of Nick with a disgruntled cat was what drew us in. A quick glance at each other’s profile illuminated similarities that were uncanny. With not much hesitation but a hopeful heart, a swipe set our future in motion. After matching, the endless flow of conversation began. Minutes turned to hours, and it was clear, we needed to meet in person. We planned our first date both nervous that the other would flake out. The day had come, our first date. After both agreeing to not wear football gear (Nick being a Seahawks fan and Brei having better taste and choosing the superior team, the 49ers), we both showed up rocking our teams' gear. Eyerolling and laughter commenced. Drinks and food were had, mocking of the fellow patrons ensued, and the conversation never ended. Feeling a connection, neither wanted the evening to end. The day turned into night and the feeling of comfortability continued as did the drinks and conversation. After a few hiccups; a nosebleed, broken furniture, and early morning work requirements. We bid farewell, not knowing that we just wrote the first chapter of the rest of our lives together.

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