Brehanna & Mareeka


We’re getting married!


Mareeka Mattis


Brehanna Smith

October 8, 2023

Cancún, Q.R.

The Story of Us….

Picture it, Washington D.C., in the spring of 2019. Two groups of friends embark on a fête filled weekend. Unbeknownst to them a love match would be made, lol. Mareeka and Brehanna met for the first time at a party they attended with friends. Although, the party was pretty lackluster, when Brehanna and Mareeka saw each other, it felt like old friends seeing one another after a long time. The next day they would attend another party with their friends and family. Although, they met only the day before there was an undeniable familiarity. So much so that you would have thought Mareeka and Brehanna came to the party together. They spent the whole party talking, laughing, and dancing and Bre even met all of Mareeka’s cousins, lol. They were inseparable. Then the party weekend ended. Mareeka went back to Florida, and Brehanna went to Georgia. Neither of them thought much about what to do next. It was time to get back to reality, or so they thought. They texted, talked, and soon after hatched a plan to meet again to see if this was the real deal or just a fluke! The halfway point at the time was Jacksonville, FL. So, they met for a weekend getaway -- it was a hit! Then something else hit… you guessed it! Covid. They were still doing the long-distance thing then, but not even a pandemic could stop their love, lol. There hasn’t been a month that has passed since May of 2019 that Mareeka and Brehanna haven’t seen one another. They eventually made the move and have been rolling ever since! So here we are 4 years, 3 states, 2 degrees, and 1 engagement later. Now it’s time to make it official! We’re planning an epic wedding and can’t wait to celebrate with all of you!