Grant & Bre


Floral Background

Grant Gibson


Bre Allen

June 19, 2023

Medford, NJ

How we met

We were both students at Colorado Christian University for multiple years before our paths finally crossed at the beginning of our final spring semester. We knew of each others existence through different friend groups and of course social media, but never had a chance to meet until a random night in January. Grants housemates were good friends with the girls in Bre's house, and with a lot of convincing (Bre was very tired that night), talked Bre into attending a bonfire at their house to celebrate being back from winter break. Grant of course had no idea these plans were being made and came home to a backyard full of people! Bre and her three roommates had made their way over, and were sitting around the fire chatting and visiting. As Grant walked into the kitchen, he noticed there were people over (while planning to sneak away to his room) he quickly glanced out the window, and caught a glimpse of a girl he had been waiting months for a chance to talk to. Right in his backyard sat Bre Allen, the hardest girl on campus to track down. Obviously he quickly made his way outside and began introducing himself to everyone. Bre recognized Grant immediately from a previous volleyball game and stood up to greet him. Realizing he was taller than she expected, he instantly caught her eye and they talked for a bit. Grant, playing it cool, finished up the convo rather quickly and made his way to the other side of the bonfire away from Bre. Bre continued on with her night as normal, it wasn't until later that she realized Grant was someone she didn't want to pass up. Whereas Grant was smitten and planned to ask her out the next time he saw her in person. Bre ended up leaving the bonfire early due to being tired and the two didn't see each other again for about four months. Until Bre got a very random and unexpected message from Grant asking to take her out. * Grant had been looking for Bre on campus and wanting to ask her out for months after the bonfire and never ran into to her in person. He finally grew tired of waiting and decided to just message her directly and take her out.* Grant insisted that him and Bre go out the next day and Bre happily agreed! They went to dinner and ended at Little mans Ice cream which would later end up being the spot the couple would get engaged.

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