Brandon & Michelle


Brandon Calene


Michelle Beagley

May 18, 2024

Nampa, ID
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How we met

A tale as old as time...

We met online. We started talking and couldn't wait to meet. Our first date was January 17, 2023. We couldn't wait for the weekend, so we met on a Tuesday night. From there it was a whirlwind fairytale.

The Proposal and the Second Proposal

Diamond Party and a Park

We went for a day trip to Coure D'Alene. I needed to take my earrings in for their annual cleaning and inspection. Before we knew it we were designing and choosing engagement rings. A couple weeks later there was a diamond party at the store, we went back and found the most beautiful blue diamond. They were able to put the ring together and have it for us the same day. I tried it on and decided I didn't want to take it off. On the way to the parking lot, he asked "so do you wanna?" I replied "um sure!" ...So romantic right? I wore it for the week and then we went to Caldwell so that he could have the little talk with my dad! On the way back to Lewiston we stopped at the Park in Riggins where we decided to get married. We walked around talking about where to have things and he took me to the spot he thought we should stand for the ceremony (though the venue has changed) and got down on one knee to ask me to marry him properly this time. I said Yes of course!