June 28, 2024
Chicago, IL

Brandon & Curtis


Curtis Austin


Brandon Davis

June 28 - 30, 2024

Chicago, IL

How We Met


It was the beginning of the pandemic — Brandon was in quarantine in Chicago and Curtis was finishing med school remotely from Michigan. While we were hundreds of miles apart, thanks to technology we were only an app away. After finding out he was matched at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Curtis wanted to see who he may meet, whether virtual or in-person one day. Enter Brandon. We hit it off and hoped for the day we could meet in-person. Fortunately, that day was only a few months away.

The First (IRL) Date


Curtis, with help from Ann and Mark, had just moved from St. Louis to Chicago to settle into a new highrise apartment in Streeterville. Brandon, who lived in West Loop, was finishing up a day at work and preparing to meet Curtis for the first time. As Ann and Mark left for home, Brandon cheerfully walked over to Curtis' — a bottle of champagne and a few other gifts in tow. Brandon walked in the building and up to the 31st floor, Curtis opened the door, and the two welcomed each other with open arms. If you ask them, Brandon will say "it was love at first sight;" Curtis will say "I'm just glad he was actually real."

The Proposal


Brandon and Curtis, along with Nicole, Mary, and Kate, traveled to Scottsdale, AZ to celebrate Brandon's 30th birthday. It was the perfect cover for Curtis so Brandon wouldn't be suspicious. They spent Saturday morning at the spa — relaxing before lunch and the birthday festivities commenced. Nicole, Mary, and Kate were the first out to the pool deck. Then Curtis wrapped up, but Brandon was nowhere to be found. But moments later, Brandon arrived and was ready to meet up with the girls. Curtis and Brandon started toward the pool and as they rounded the corner where the girls were, Curtis turned Brandon, shared his love, and asked him if they could marry. Brandon's response, a resounding yes! They kissed and the pool deck erupted in cheers and claps.

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