Ashley & Brandon

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Brandon Vadnie


Ashley Frederick



September 2

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Unexpected Happenings

September 17, 2017

We met unexpectedly, after friends talked Ashley into coming to Hillsboro for one drink before going to a street dance in Arthur. One drink turned into bar hopping in Hillsboro and never making it to Arthur. At the last bar Ashley was ready to go home, but had to wait for her friends so she decided to sit down on a bar stool next to this guy that her friends had been talking to because he looked pretty safe and harmless. That guy was Brandon and the rest is history!


As we have blended two households into one, we have multiples of most items and very little "us" time. Instead of gifts we would love to take a trip or go on a cruise for a Honeymoon. If you would like to contribute financially for that tip we would happily accept donations. Please do not feel obligated as this is purely optional. We accept Cash, Check, or Venmo (@Ashley-Fred05). Again no obligation required!