Ariel & Brandon


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September 27, 2025

Newton, KS
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How we met

It wasnt in jail!

If you ask Brandon he will tell you we met in jail! While that is a funny way to start our love story that isn't really what happened. Truth is we met through his cousin. When we met neither one of us were looking for something serious. We were both dealing with heartbreak and were convinced we would NEVER do it again! Fast forward 2 years later Brandon took me out for my birthday after sending me to get my nails done with my best friend. It was a wonderful day spent doing things we loved together. On our way home Brandon decided we were going to stop to find a few geocaches. While I was searching he was preparing. I found what we were looking for and excitedly turned around to show Brandon and there he was...down on one knee. I was over the moon! After years of talking about it we finally settled on a date. We will be getting married 2 days before our 9 year anniversary together! So while we are celebrating 1 year of marriage we will also be celebrating 10 years together! We cant wait to share our special day with all of you!

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