Hannah & Tyler


We’re getting married!


Tyler Gardner


Hannah Booth

January 11, 2025

Winston-Salem, NC
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Tale As Old As (Modern) Time

Our story starts out like any modern romance, a mutual like on a dating app. Our app of choice? Hinge - a more modest dating platform of the “interesting” choices we had available to us. Hannah was drawn to not only Tyler’s handsome face but his way with words in his profile. Apart from others she’d come across, he actually took the time to write out an interesting prompt that showed Hannah he knew how to put some effort in. A trait that was highly sought after in her list of qualities. Tyler was drawn to Hannah’s stunning looks (No Hannah isn’t writing this, why would you think that??) and surprisingly enough, her voice. She had answered one of the prompts on the app with a voice note and that sealed the deal for him to give her a “like.” Their first date was on New Year’s Eve - after a failed attempt to meet at one location (Hannah forgot to check to see if it would be open, a theme in their relationship) they found themselves at The Cardinal for brunch. Nervous talk turned into a flowing conversation filled with laughing and mutual attraction. After that first date, things progressed smoothly. Despite Tyler living an hour away from Hannah, he always made the journey to King to see her. Even if it was only for a couple hours. Everything seemed to be going perfectly for them both until…. Well Hannah had booked a 5-week trip to Europe a few months before meeting Tyler. Right at the start of their budding romance, this wrench in the plans of love made things a little uncertain for the anxious minded Hannah. But Tyler quickly reassured her of his intentions and those 5 weeks flew by. Daily, hourly conversations helped them get to know each other in new ways and filled them with excitement to see each other again. After Hannah returned state-side, it was like they’d never been apart. The time they lost together was quickly made up and their lives started molding together. It’s been a year of becoming best friends with your soulmate, learning each other’s quirks, growing as individuals and together, adventure and so much love. From the first “I love you” to the “Will you marry me?” - there’s never been a doubt between them both about choosing each other everyday. Speaking of “Will you marry me?” - let’s talk about how amazing of a job Tyler did planning the perfect proposal. He recruited the help of friends and family to pull off a beautiful mountaintop scene. Tyler was waiting for Hannah at the end of a row of candles and flowers he and his sister perfectly placed. He asked a dear friend of Hannah to photograph the moment and it was the fairytale moment Hannah had dreamed of her whole life. Something she never thought would happen for her and Tyler made her dreams come true. Now, let’s get these two married and have some fun!

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