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October 7, 2023

Las Vegas, NV

Boy meets Girl, Girl chases Boy


Well someone had to make the move! We laughed on the beach, totally oblivious to all the other happenings around us outside of our little bubble. We went from sharing the rest of a bottle of champagne to cracking jokes with Lily (who still insists we wouldn't have given her actual champagne) to 'time to go'. Josh played Uber driver back to the rental house and we were once again a bit oblivious to everything else around us...to the point that Josh nearly missed the freeway exit! He came up to have a beer with the family before making the 3 hour drive back home in the middle of the night and working at 6 am the next morning. By the time he was at work, Carli was thinking of excuses to text him. A Facebook message, a post on each other's wall, two conversations in two places but we were already hooked! We still see wedding pictures that we have no idea when or where they happened because we were in our own little world from that moment forward. Now it's time to plan our own!

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