Nick & Laura

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Laura Waggoner


Nicholas Bondura

April 27, 2024

Austin, TX

How We Met


We first met on a summery June evening in 2021—on a sand volleyball court of all places. Laura had competed in a few seasons already with friends, while Nick was hoping to find some friends at all after just moving halfway across the country. Little did we know that joining a random Sunday volleyball league would change our lives forever. Following the six weeks of our first shared season (and after seeing each other for the first time not drenched in sweat on a volleyball court), we both secretly took a liking to each other. And it didn't take long for Laura to make the first move on Austin's infamous Sixth Street—we know, embarrassing. But we're both very, very glad she did. So, just over two years after that first moment on a sand volleyball court, here 𝘺𝘰𝘶 are, checking out the website for our wedding. Love's pretty crazy, huh?

The Proposal


On Saturday, March 11th, Laura found herself in a private car listening to an .mp3 that Nick had put together. In it were a few voicemails from our families, collected and put overtop one of our favorite songs. As she listened to the well-wishes from our families on what would turn out to be our engagement day, the car pulled up to the sand volleyball where we first met. Nick was standing there in a ring of roses, ready to pop the question, which he did 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 quickly (on account of the nerves). Laura's enthusiastic "yes" was responded to by the cheers of a dozen volleyball players we had never met. Following a quick photo sesh, we celebrated the best way we knew how—by heading to our favorite pizza place, still dressed up in our nicest clothes.

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