Katlyn & Bobby



Bobby Pugh


Katlyn Cochran

June 1, 2024

Castries, St. Lucia
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Our Journey

Bobby and Katlyn are many things. We are adventurous, spontaneous, hunters, soulmates, and companions. We are each other's biggest supporters, challengers, and advocates. We are building a life we love with Abby and Luke and during our time together so far we have had a wonderful journey. We are both very adventurous and love the outdoors or anything that involves being in tune with nature. From trout fishing the spring river or crappie fishing local lakes, to turkey hunting in hill country or river bottoms, we find peace and adventure doing it together.

The Proposal

We had a photography shoot scheduled as family in Perdido Key, Florida. Half way through the photography session we asked the photographer if we could move to the sand dunes to take more pictures. Bobby told the photographer that he was going to propose to Katllyn and the photographer was in complete shock. While we were by the dunes Bobby pulled out the box and got on one knee and asked Katlyn to marry him. Bobby put the ring on Katlyn's finger and after was seemed like 10 minutes for Bobby he stated "Does this mean its a yes?" Katlyn responded with "Yes!!" Abby and Luke came running with excitement and joy to see we were getting married!

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