Alecia & Blake Smithson

We’re getting married!


Blake Smithson


Alecia Patterson

October 21, 2023

Terre Haute, IN
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The First Date


One ordinary day, Blake & Alecia agreed to go to dinner together at 7th & Elm Bar & Grill. After word vomiting each others life stories, neither wanted to end the night just yet. So, they went bowling, played pool and played darts at the bowling alley. They still didn’t want to go home after that, so onto the Verve they went! (Where they ran into Alecia’s older brother to everyone’s surprise!) And even then, they decided to wait just a little bit longer before going home while they parked and talked some more. After that long day, the rest was history!

The Proposal


As an anniversary trip, Alecia and Blake went to one of their favorite places on Earth - Sedona, AZ. But there was a twist. Alecia was pregnant (and no one knew yet except for them). With this new information, they decided to do a shorter hike up to Sugarloaf Mountain. Alecia was getting tired but Blake kept telling her they were “almost there.” Finally while on top of the mountain, taking in the gorgeous orange views, Alecia turned around to see Blake on one knee! Even though the pregnancy and nausea made her want to call the hike quits early, it ended up being worth it, just a little bit.