Joie & Bryce

We’re getting married!


Bryce Davis


Joie St.clair


March 15, 2024

Las Vegas, NV
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Our story

“Have you noticed me flirting with you?”

From meeting at an Intervarsity event in December, to a springs preserve butterfly garden proposal the following September, our love story has been very unique. Were so exited to celebrate with you all. Bryce and I met in December of 2022 and started a friendship. Our friend ship began growing into something more after attending a Black Campus Ministry conference in California. We began dating after spending a week together canoeing, swimming and learning about the book of mark together at Catlina Island Mark camp in March 2022. We had hours long conversations during the day and met for tea every night. Feelings grew and our relationship began when Bryce asked me, “Did you notice me flirting with you?” One faithful night. The next few weeks we’re filled with ikea dates, dancing in the parking lot, paint nights, cart rides at target, and laughing in the rain. Bryce was always incredibly intentional about our courtship and began taking me ring shopping at 2 months in. We spent most of hour hours together talking about the future and learning about each others pasts. We have grown so much together and it felt like we had known each other our whole lives. One faithful day, surrounded by family, Bryce proposed at the Springs Preserve butterfly garden. And because I did in fact notice him flirting with me, we were engaged 6 months after beginning to date on September 25, 2022. We’re so exited to be celebrating our wedding with you all on what will be our 2 year anniversary. Welcome to our love story, my personal favorite. :)