Sarah & Andrew Fostering Shower


The BrownBirds are getting ready to start fostering with the hope of adopting. The site has information about our journey.


Sarah Brown


Andrew Bird

September 4


Fostering to Adopt

Sarah & Andrew are looking to expand their family by spring of 2024 (hopefully earlier) by working with Washington State DCYF to foster youth between the ages of 1-5 in the hopes of eventually adopting a youth. Sarah has known for quite some time that she does not want to give birth and due to chronic health conditions, giving birth would likely cause other issues. Both Andrew & Sarah enjoy supporting their community and want to give back, which is why they have pursued working with the State to foster and eventually adopt. Sarah & Andrew have appreciated everyone's support and patience as they have navigated this long and often times convoluted process. Beginning in 2022, they researched the steps that would need to be taken to adopt and began interviewing parents who have adopted from the State, from private agencies, and foster parents. Starting in November, they began the required 8 courses, totaling 24 hours, to become approved as a foster parent. Once finalized, they were able to submit their application to the State, which will require interviews with 4 references, 4 in-person home study appointments with the couple, interviews with the couple, and likely more requirements that they are still learning. Their goal is to be approved to foster youth ages 1-5, which requires that their home and all equipment be approved for all of those age groups and capabilities. Please check out the FAQ section to learn more about commonly asked questions about the foster system and what friends and family can expect in this journey.

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