September 28, 2019

Beth & Brandon


Our Love Story Is Finally Happening 🥰


Brandon Roy


Beth Merritt


September 28


How We Met


We met on my 24 Birthday through mutual friends we had. Little did we know we had never seen each other through them. A close friend asked her husband if he would like to come to my Birthday Party I was having and he said sure and he as well brought a friend that is now my future husband😁 We talked with one another throughout the night and he asked my friend for my number and the next thing I know he called me asking me on a date. I said yes and after that one date there were many many more and we began to become best friends, partners, and we fell deep in love with one another and established a loving relationship that is true, honest, and loyal.

The Proposal


It was Monday October 10 2016 and we were on a cruise for a week at this time. We spent the whole day together exploring a different country and enjoying the sun and relaxation that day when we had some people that came up beside us in the lounge chairs and we spoke with them for a while a got to know them and vise versa. One of the questions they asked us since they were around our age were if we were married or had any children and at this time we said no. Fast forward a few hours later and we are now putting our really nice elegant clothes on for professional pictures with amazing backdrops. We both got ready together and headed out of our cabin room to what I thought would be the pictures we normally take on our cruises each year. We had some time before pictures started so I thought and I remember very vaguely Brandon wanted a cocktail drink and asked if I wanted one as well. I said no because I thought we were going to have our pictures made and then we would head to dinner and I said I’ll just have one at dinner. Well needless to say he started drinking his and as he was finishing it we were called to have our pictures done and you know I wasn’t thinking at the time of why he got the drink and finished it as fast as he did but now knowing he was super nervous as to what was about to take place he had planned that I had no idea of!! So we start taking pictures in different poses and different places on the cruise ship and towards the end the photographer said let’s go outside to do some sunset ones on the back of the ship where you can see the pretty blue water. As I’m taking my turn to face the water and make it seem like I’m looking out into the distance of the water the whole time brandon was behind me down on one knee until the photographer told me to turn around on his call and when I did I got the best surprise of a lifetime with Brandon proposing to me asking me to marry him on the cruise ship our most absolutely favorite thing to do together.

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