Tyler & Benjamin

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Tyler Kittel


Benjamin Wichlacz

Key West


February 17

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The Proposal!

(From Tyler's perspective)

Ben knew that it's almost impossible to surprise me, so he made it his mission to keep this a secret! After consulting my friends several times on the perfect ring, he carefully planned a weekend in Miami to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. I had a suspicion he would propose during one of the many activities he'd been hyping up for the following weekend, and had bought some cute outfits just in case. That mini retreat was still a week away and I was going slightly crazy trying to figure out when he would propose. We decided to spend the weekend before our anniversary doing one of our favorite low-key date night activities: eating pizza and drinking wine on the beach until well after sunset! After Ben ordered from the nicer pizza place and dressed up more than usual, I was a little suspicious but didn't want to read too much into it. Shortly after we got settled on the beach, Ben dropped on one knee to propose! I was so excited that I grabbed the ring out of his hands before he could say anything! Our closest friends had been hiding behind the trees and rushed us to celebrate, and after the excitement died down a bit I calmed down enough for him to propose the correct way without my interruption. In the end he was able to throw me off on when it would happen and made the moment so personal and perfect. We then spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with our friends. He wanted to cancel the Miami trip the week after since it was only an idea to throw me off, but I convinced him to go anyway and we got to celebrate our engagement for another weekend! I love you Ben and I'm excited to marry you!