Chantel & Benjamin



Chantel Medeiros


Benjamin Sampson

October 18, 2023

Las Vegas, NV

How We Met


We met back in high school and from the beginning we knew that we would be close friends. It wasn't until we began hanging out just the two of us, that I quickly discovered we had a much deeper connection then any of my other friends. We became quite close, confiding in one another about things we rarely shared with any other people. We spent hours in Chantel's backyard talking about past, present, and future, never realizing how intertwining our futures would one day be. Chantel and I were friends for almost 15 years before both of us decided to be in a romantic relationship together. That decision was the best one either of us has ever made.

The Proposal


On June 25th, 2022 Ben and I were celebrating our 1 year anniversary as a couple. He had gotten us reservations at a beautiful winery in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County called Cast Wines. When we got there we were taken down to this beautiful outdoor lunch at a secluded bench in the shade with a breath taking view of the rolling vineyards as they snake up the hills of the valley. We sipped delicious wine, had some anxious laughs as we nibbled on the charcutierre board that was also provided for us. It was perfect! We decided to take a walk and stroll along the edge of the winery. We were just walking and holding hands, when Ben all of a sudden turned around and looked at me with those beautiful green eyes. He said "Everyday we spend together, I make it my goal to see you smile and hear your beautiful laugh." He got down on one knee, fumbling to get the box out because of the cast he had on his wrist. I just smiled, putting my hand to my mouth. I began laughing. I didn't know what else to do, I was so happy. The rest was a bit of a blur with my heart beating out of my chest. but he got down on one knee and said, "I want to see that smile of yours and hear your beautiful laugh everyday for the rest of my life and I want to spend everyday making sure that happens. You are the love of my life and you make me happy everyday I'm with you. Chantel Medeiros, Will you Marry Me?" I think you all know the rest from there....