Ally & Brendan

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Brendan Benitez


Ally Plezia


May 25, 2024

Raleigh, NC
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The Story of Us

08.29.17 - 05.25.24

What started out as a way to get more involved at Sacred Heart University, became the most epic love story of all time. Ally and Brendan met as participants for Community Connections; a volunteer pre-fall program to help transition them into college as new students. When they were invited back as leaders for the following year, their love story slowly started to unfold. After being invited to leader gatherings on campus (and a license-less Ally), Brendan offered to drive her throughout the week as a kind gesture. They came up with a fun handshake that they continued to show off to their friends, but little did they know, it was a tiny spark that continued to grow bigger and bigger. After a week of being separated in two different churches for the program, they both knew how much they truly missed each other. The two awkward friends finally sat down outside of Ally's dorm and professed their feelings for one another. That's when Ally and Brendan decided to give their feelings a go! After a rainy first date at Brick & Wood, they finally made the relationship official. All of their friends were thrilled and Ally & Brendan were inseparable. After 6+ years of memories, fun vacations, and diving deeper in love, Ally & Brendan now share a beautiful life in Stamford, CT with their pride & joy, Tito the Weenie Dog. Soon they will be taking everything they love and will move to Raleigh, North Carolina to begin a new chapter in their most cherished story. In a few short months, Ally & Brendan will welcome you to their new home in Raleigh; where they will exchange vows and dance the night away. They are so beyond blessed to invite their closest family and friends in celebrating the most special season of their lives. What better way to start a new life in Raleigh, then ringing it in with the people they love most?

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