Ben & Brittania



Ben Wright


Brittania Leja

June 17, 2024

Black Butte, OR
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Invite-Only Wedding Ceremony

Ben & Brittania will be getting married at an intimate, invite-only ceremony with a small group of family and friends on Monday, June 17th. All other guests are invited to celebrate with the couple, later that day, at the wedding reception.

Wedding Reception

Ben & Brittania will be celebrating their wedding with all invited guests at their wedding reception on Monday, June 17th. The wedding reception will be kid-free but we welcome any kids to join in on the weekend activities. We look forward to enjoying good food, drink, lawn games and dancing with all of our family and friends - get ready to party!

Our Story

Ben and Britt met as interns while working at Sunriver Resort. After spending the summer together and connecting over their love for the outdoors, their passion for the hospitality industry, and a shared sense of humor, they began dating in the summer of 2015. After dating for a year, Ben and Britt moved into their first apartment together and adopted their first fur baby Sully (also known as Squishy, Smooshy or Boobie). They spent a small stint doing long-distance while Ben worked in San Fransisco, but came back together during COVID. Once Ben returned to Central Oregon in late 2020, they adopted their second fur baby, Xena (also known as Peanut, Fluff Butt or Dibby). Ben and Britt became homeowners in the winter of 2021 and enjoyed having a place that they and the dogs could settle into as a family. Ben proposed to Britt in March of 2023 at an overlook of the Deschutes River at Riley Ranch Nature Reserve followed by a surprise of both sets of parents waiting at dinner to celebrate. We cannot wait to celebrate our relationship and lifelong commitment to each other with our closest family & friends!

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