Macki & Reed

Becoming Burgener


Reed Burgener


Macki Kilgore



September 30

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Our Story

We are beyond excited to include you in our big day, so we are going to throw it back to how it all started. It was September 2021 and Macki was going through her mail and pulled out a note from her insurance agency. Randomly, she text her mom saying, "I should probably just date my Insurance Agent," to which Betz responded, "Do you even know him?" This conversation ended with laughter because we both knew I'd be the last person to reach out, further concluding my idea of dating my insurance agent. Fast forward to January 2022, Macki went to work and immediately text Betz, "So um remember that insurance agent I said I should date? Well he is now working in my classroom..." This time, this conversation ended with my mom mentioning that I now had a perfect opportunity to talk to him and buy him coffee. Which is what happened. Along with a mother's advice and co-workers working their magic to further align our paths, our story began. So here's to us. A love story that began as a far off idea, became an option when we became co-workers and landed in forever because marrying your best friend is God's path of divine intervention.