June 26, 2020
Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

Becca & Andrew


Floral ArrangementFloral ArrangementFloral ArrangementFloral Arrangement

Andrew Haubert


Becca Szczembara

Grosse Pointe Park


June 26


**New Date TBD**

Andrew and I wanted to personally let you know that our original wedding plans have changed due to COVID-19. While we are sad that we cannot celebrate with all of our friends and family right now, we hope to celebrate even bigger next year (more information to come)! It is our plan to still get married on June 26, 2020 with a very small and intimate ceremony with our immediate family only. We thank you for your love and support and we cannot wait to see you when this is all over!

How We Met

May 2016

After meeting through mutual friends, Andrew and Becca started messaging and texting throughout the summer of 2016 when they realized they shared many things in common and wanted to meet up. After several attempts to hangout, they finally did in late July of 2016 and the rest is history! Their first date included a surprise trip on a jetski on Lake St. Clair followed by dinner on the Detroit Riverfront at Andiamo's. They continued to meet up on weekends and any opportunity they could to get to know each other better until they officially started to date on August 19th, 2016.

The Proposal


Per usual in the relationship, Andrew wanted to surprise Becca so the proposal was no different. He was able to convince her to go on a date in downtown Detroit to the very first place they went on a date, Andiamo's on the Riverfront. After they parked, they then walked along the Riverwalk where Andrew had planned a photographer ahead of time to capture 'the moment.' After anxiously walking for a few minutes, he spotted the photographer and dropped to a knee. After Becca's initial response of "are you serious?!" followed by "are you serious?!" and then once again "are you serious?!".. she finally said YES!!

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