Beata & Jeremiah



Beata Matusewicz


Jeremiah Hunsicker

July 12, 2024

Morristown, NJ
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A Classic Case of R.U. to “I Do”

We found love in a hopeless place: an evening computer science class on Busch campus.

We met in the Spring semester of 2013, when the TA paired us together for our final project in CS112. Jeremiah took the lead on the project and we did end up passing, but we also ended up spending every single minute together from that moment on. I (Beata) graduated in 2014, then Jeremiah graduated in 2015 (we both are proud Scarlet Knights and love Rutgers). We’ve moved from Highland Park to North Brunswick to Bridgewater, and now we are settled in our lovely little town, Somerville. Along the way, we picked up a few wild animals: - Dunkin (our first baby who we adopted in 2014 as a kitten, but he passed in April 2022 - we could write essays about our heart cat, but just know he was one of a kind) - Teddy, who we’ve had since 2015, and is the sweetest yet shyest cat there is. He’s quite elusive, but once he trusts you, he just wants cuddles… and treats. - Josie, our baby girl, who took our lives by storm in September 2020. She’s a true pandemic pup and embodies chaos like no other. - Thunder, who is the kitty embodiment of chaos. They claimed he was 8 years old, but we doubt it. All we know is that he is Josie’s best friend and he has a mind of his own. We also picked up a few hobbies: tailgating (we’ve yet to attend a Rutgers football game, but we sure have tailgated them like we were big big fans), supporting the Red Bulls (we’re season ticket holders now!), and exploring new places (both near and far). We’ve spent the last 10 years (11 by the time we get married!) building a life we love, and we’re ready for our next big adventure. We’re so excited to celebrate our wedding day with our friends and family!

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